SEACOTEC GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2016 and is based in Hamburg / Germany.

The ambition of the three founders, Dr. Robert Surma, Tobias Neumann-Overholthaus and Marcus von Busch, is to provide outstanding services to their customers, transferring complex technical requirements from specifications and standards to the shop floor.

SEACOTEC is providing consulting, project support, survey and training services for multiple technical disciplines, thereby mainly focussing on

  • Materials & Welding technology
  • Certification of quality systems and products
  • Application of international technical standards in production
  • Underwater technology
  • Emission consulting and support

Pragmatic solutions for customer’s benefit is our target.

Fast and flexible with a reputation for integrity and proficiency, we are available 365 days per year, 24h a day.

Personal experience and team work, combined with a strong international network, allow us to offer efficient and competitive service to our clients worldwide.