SEACOTEC GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2016 and is based in Hamburg / Germany.

The ambition of the three founders, Dr. Robert Surma, Tobias Neumann-Overholthaus and Marcus von Busch, is to provide outstanding services to their customers, transferring complex technical requirements from specifications and standards to the shop floor.

SEACOTEC is providing consulting, project support, survey and training services for multiple technical disciplines, thereby mainly focussing on

  • Materials & Welding technology
  • Certification of quality systems and products
  • Application of international technical standards in production
  • Underwater technology
  • Emission consulting and support

Pragmatic solutions for customer’s benefit is our target.

Fast and flexible with a reputation for integrity and proficiency, we are available 365 days per year, 24h a day.

Personal experience and team work, combined with a strong international network, allow us to offer efficient and competitive service to our clients worldwide.

The team

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Tobias Neumann-Overholthaus

MSc. Offshore & Environmental Technologies, Dipl.-Ing. Marine Engineering, Certified Welding Engineer

Mr. Neumann-Overholthaus focusses on the services Surveys & Inspections, Materials & Welding as well as training.

Based on his long-time experience as a surveyor for an IACS classification society and his expat assignments in China and India, Mr. Neumann-Overholthaus is always eager to develop customer oriented solutions, act flexible and to support you as client at its best.

During the last six years prior founding SEACOTEC, Mr. Neumann-Overholthaus held different management positions mainly in the operational business, where he could incorporate his practical knowledge into his management activities.

Always having the big picture in mind, he is anxious to continuously improve processes and would be happy to support your company.

Excellent technical knowledge in the operational business as well as the welding and materials section combined with extensive experience as speaker and trainer, will ensure that Mr. Neumann-Overholthaus is a valuable partner for you.

After graduation as „Marine Engineer” at the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg / Germany in 2003, Mr. Neumann-Overholthaus qualified as „MSc. Offshore & Environmental Technologies” at the Newcastle University (UK), “Certified Welding Engineer (IWE)” in 2006 and “Radiographic Testing Level II” in 2008.

„Only if you tell me about your problem, I can help you!“

Dr.-Ing. Robert Surma

Dr.-Ing. Fluid mechanics, Safety technologies and multi-phase flow

Dr. Surma serves you in the fields of system, underwater, gas/steam and pressure vessel technology. He gained extensive experience in the field of engineering services since 1999. Preceding the creation of SEACOTEC, Dr. Surma has been working as a business unit manager for a leading classification society with international reach. His comprehensive understanding of applicable marine and onshore regulations and directives is your benefit when choosing him as speaker or expert.

He consults you for selection and application of suitable procedures for approval and certification. Long lasting successful delivery of projects as well as his tenure as head of a conformity assessment and inspection body, are reliable and solution-oriented support for your business to ensure cost effectiveness, all in all reflecting our company slogan “Service.Support.Solutions.”

As a consequence of his engagement at conferences, a considerably network to companies, organisation and experts is available to support your project.

Lecturing at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (high pressure technology in apparatus engineering) and at the NORDAKADEMIE in Elmshorn (reciprocating engines) allows him to support you with his long lasting contacts to scientific institutions.

“When you´re finished changing, you´re finished.”
Benjamin Franklin

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Marcus von Busch

Dipl.-Ing. in Process Engineering, Betriebswirt (Graduate in Business Management), Certified Welding Engineer

Mr. von Busch partners with you in all areas of welding, advises on materials-related issues and will be available for visits and inspections. He is an experienced speaker for your in-house workshops and supports several organizers of training course for welding personnel. As a proven expert in the field he can assist you with all questions concerning welding quality assurance (e.g. EN 1090, ISO 3834), welding processes, welding procedure tests, and personnel qualifications for welders and operators alike.

Mr. von Busch is a certified welding engineer (IWE) since 1994. In the course of his work as construction manager in plant and pipe construction he has accumulated extensive expertise which he can apply to your business in a hands-on manner.

During his tenure as trainings manager in a renowned welding-technique school in Hamburg he has developed models for continual technical education and audited manufacturing operations according to e.g. ISO 3834 and DIN 18800-7.

Preceding the creation of SEACOTEC Mr. von Busch worked for 11 years in operational management for a leading classification society with international reach. He was responsible for the certification of maritime materials manufacturers and welding operators/sub-contractors. As a result of his numerous audits of international clients — primarily in Southeast Asia, Western Europe and North America — he has excellent knowledge of the business and the applicable rules and regulations.

„Success accrues to those who go beyond the usual. We always do.”
Lothar Schmidt

Markus Osterkamp

Dipl.-Ing. Environmental Engineering

Markus serves you in the fields of engine and emission technology, surveys as well as on-board measurement of emissions (CO2, Co, NOx, SOx, O2). He is an experienced speaker for your in-house workshops and supports several organizers of training courses. Furthermore, he has great experience in working with international committees regarding emission relevant issues. As a proven expert in the field he can assist you with all questions concerning conformity of engines, emissions and exhaust gas aftertreatment systems and alike.

Markus is an engineer since 2003. He was heading several years the ISO 17025 accredited measurement laboratory “Envilab” and was deputy head of department “Environmental Certification”.  He has accumulated extensive expertise which he can apply to your business in a hands-on manner.

Preceding his entry at SEACOTEC Markus worked for 13 years for a leading classification society with international reach. He was responsible for the certification of engines and exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. As a result of numerous projects for international clients he has excellent knowledge of the business and the applicable rules and regulations.

“Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it´s not fine, it´s not the end.”
Oscar Wilde



Shaghayegh Kazemi Esfeh

Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering, MSc Renewable Energies

Shaghayegh serves you in the fields of emission technology, mainly for EU MRV and IMO DCS services.

She is working as mechanical engineer since 2013 and has gained business experience in the oil and gas industry working for an international manufacturer of Offshore-Valves and Wellheads..

Preceding her entry at SEACOTEC Shaghayegh worked for a company in the field of renewable energies and was responsible for efficiency, optimization and outfitting of systems. Her interest in sustainable power generation lead her to a master degree in renewable energies.

Her Master thesis was focussing on feasibility studies for implementation of new low- and zero-emission technologies such as fuel cells and batteries in ship operations.

“If you´re going through hell, keep going.”
Winston Churchill

Nam Le, PhD

PhD, computer science and engineering

Dr. Le assists you with all software solutions provided by SEACOTEC and in the field of data analytics.

Nam has long-time experience in the maritime industry as well as in software development of engineering solutions.

He was leading several research programms with regard to ship water interaction and acoustic emissions. Furthermore, he was dealing extensively with topics like ship energy efficiency and formal safety assessments (FSA). After heading several years the department electrical systems, automation and navigation for a international classification society, he moved on to a leading shipbuilding company. Nam is utilizing his excellent software development skills in combination with his engineering knowledge to improve quality, save costs and efforts by ensuring robust and appropriate solutions.

His focus is clearly set towards software solutions and data analysis. Nam will mainly drive the development of SEACOTEC Digital Solutions.


Thomas Fischer


Thomas is representing SEACOTEC as Head of Sales in the field of maritime and mechanical engineering industries.

In the last 30 years Thomas has been successfully building up, extending and leading subsidiaries of international engineering companies. His scope comprises the maritime sector, offshore and onshore industry as well as manufacturing and process engineering industry.

Thomas is focussing on maximum customer satisfaction, by working target and solution oriented.

He started his business career being educated as electrician and followed by 8 years on duty for the german navy. After graduating as communication engineer, he has been working at a research institute and developing magnetic drives for particle accelerators.

“It won´t work is not existing.”