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Regulations are determining parts of our life and also your products success.

To find out what kind of Declaration of Conformity is needed, Certification is prescribed, Standards are to be applied, or which EU regulation applies, requires experience and knowledge.

We will support you in your project to ensure that you will meet the requirements assigned. Based on our longterm experience serving a Notified Body, we are able to provide expert knowledge for a variety of EU regulations, mainly focussing on

  • MED – Marine Equipment Directive,
  • PED – Pressure Equipment Directive,
  • PPE – Personal Protective Equipment and
  • CPR – Construction Product Regulation.

Make sure that you benefit from our knowledge and reduce costs through optimal adjusted amount of testing and by maximally increasing the scope of application.

Convince yourself and invite us for a short meeting to get familiar with our philosophy. “Service.Support.Solutions.”

Our service attitude allows you to involve us on short notice.

In a nutshell – SEACOTEC …

  • … has longterm experience in handling EU regulations
  • … can advice you in the optimal certification scope and process
  • … is able to support your certification process
  • … can support you in finding a suitable test laboratory for your requirements
  • … will reduce your costs for certification


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