Compliance – a continuous challenge

As emission regulations become more stringent continuously, a sophisticated compliance strategy is needed more than ever.

Depending on the shipping route, different requirements are applicable – beside the MARPOL NOx emission limit inside ECAs (emission control areas), also limitations on fuels are to be considered – the new global limit of the sulphur content in the fuel is another example which also demands an assessment on alternative fuels and after treatment systems.

With SEACOTEC you can profit from our full range of emission expertise in certification, surveys, emission measurements and committee work– starting from the design phase till placing the system into operation as well as optimization in daily operations.

Our service includes:

  • Evaluation of best available technology to meet the vessel specific demands,
  • Functional interaction assessment (FIA) of different technologies (e,g, SCR and scrubber),
  • CAPEX and OPEX analysis,
  • HAZID and FMECA,
  • Inspection services on site and during installation, commissioning and in-use on-board,
  • Documentation review and support,
  • Performance validation and specification verification,
  • Crew training to safeguard compliant in-use operation,
  • Development of maintenance plans and reporting instructions.

Convince yourself and invite us for short meeting to get familiar with our philosophy. “Service.Support.Solutions.”

Our service attitude allows you to involve us on short notice.

In a nutshell – SEACOTEC …

  • … is supporting safety assessments
  • … supports your purchasing plans
  • … will perform project management and specification development
  • … will conduct surveys and review test results

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