Despite reporting software used on board with plausibility check during input, the quality of the transmitted data is partly inadequate.

Typical errors include:

  • BDN (Bunker Delivery Note) unreadable or missing.
  • Incorrect bunker types or quantities are transferred from the BDN to the system.
  • Incorrect reporting at e.g. Canal passages, lock or anchor maneuvers.
  • Incomplete reporting of travel data.
  • Missing evidence of bunker corrections.

Such errors prevent the verifier from issuing the Certificate of Conformity (DoC). As a result, revision of the data is requested by the verifier, which means extensive rework for the shipping company.

Ships which do not have a Declaration of Conformity for EU MRV on board after 1st July 2019 will be fined by the port states (website of the German Emissions Trading Authority).


For a smooth verification, we help you to recognize the above mentioned errors in time and to correct them. We achieve this by:

  • Direct communication with the crews on board and the verifier based on a three-party agreement.
  • Continuous review of submitted data during the reporting period by our experts.
  • Individual and timely support of the crew on board to correct the data.
  • Personal care of the crews by one of our experts.
  • Comparison of the reported position data with external AIS data.
  • Annual compilation of a “Lessons learned” catalog to improve data collection on board.
  • Transmission of EU MRV emissions reports to the THETIS database on behalf of the shipowner.

The process audited by an IACS classification society guarantees you a reliable and fast approval process – without involving your capacities on shore!

We also carry out all these points independently of the software used on board and the verifier chosen by you.

In addition we provide…

  • Preparation of EU MRV monitoring plans
  • Preparation of the SEEMP Part II documentation
  • Preparation of emission reports based on the data you provide
  • Creation of FOCRs (Fuel Oil Consumption Reports)
  • Provision of a software for collecting emission data

In a nutshell – SEACOTEC …

  • …regularly checks the collected data and supports the crews on board with necessary corrections.
  • …controls all BDNs for readability and plausibility with respect to the reported data.
  • …assists crews in improving reporting quality by providing “lessons learned” from the last reporting period.
  • …compiles the annual emissions report.
  • …provides you with an efficient IT tool for collecting and transmitting the necessary data, if required.
  • …provides a “NIL confirmation” by the verifier for ships that did not call EU ports during the reporting period.

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What our customers say…

„Due to SEACOTEC’s effort and permanent communication with our crews the quality of event reporting has dramatically improved. We have achieved a data quality and transparency that left no questions open for the verifier.“

(Jens Köster – Fleet Operations Manager / Jüngerhans Maritime Services GmbH & Co. KG)

“We have completely outsourced MRV and since 2019 also IMO DCS to SEACOTEC. That was a smart move. The effort we had to invest for compliance with MRV was very small. We just met with SEACOTEC for handing over the DOCs – that’s it.“

(Uwe Rottwinkel, Marine Superintendent / Rambow Bereederungs GmbH & Co. KG)

„We could focus on our main tasks as Fleet Managers instead of dealing with a huge amount of data in preparation for compliance with EU MRV. We did not have any issues with the verifier regarding the emission data we provided.“

(Jochen Specken – Nautical Inspector / Jüngerhans Maritime Services GmbH & Co. KG)



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