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Welding technology was invented more than 100 years ago, but even in the 21st century we are facing the same problems as in the first days of welding technology. Weld cracks, undercuts and lack of fusion still are common problems. SEACOTEC can help you avoiding unnecessary repair work.

Our experts will support you in developing new welding procedure specifications (WPS), review your preliminary WPSs in order to ensure compliance with the applicable standard and help you to maximise the approval range of your WPSs.

We will further support you in finding the proper welding consumable for a specific application, independent from any consumable maker.

In an economy that is exchanging products and services worldwide, knowledge about the technical requirements applicable to a product in a certain market (e.g. EU or US) is crucial for the success of a product.

The SEACOTEC experts have been working with these standards as manufacturers and 3rd party certifiers.  In some cases, they have even been involved in the development of these standards. As a result, SEACOTEC is in the position to guide you through the increasing number of regulations (e.g. PED or ASME sec. IX) and minimize your effort to comply with them.

Independent from which part of the welding industry you are working in, welding personnel, work processes and often even the quality system as a whole need to be certified by an independent 3rd party. SEACOTEC experts will help you to prepare your production for the required certifications. Based on the experience of several hundred audits and thousands of welder tests, we know exactly where to point at and how to fulfil the requirements of the applicable standards in a pragmatic way.

Standards covered (examples):

  • Quality management systems: EN ISO 3438-2 /-3 /-4, DIN 2303 and EN 1090-2 /-3
  • Personnel certification in accordance with EN 287, ISO 9606, EN ISO 14555, EN 13134 or EN ISO 14732
  • Welding procedure approvals EN 15614-1 bis -14, ASME sec. IX or AWS D1.1
  • Manufacturer approvals for Classification (all major societies)
  • PED – Pressure Equipment Directive

We are offering several decades of experience as welding engineers and will support you in difficult situations to find pragmatic solutions that can be executed on the shop floor.

No matter whether you need special assistance in the development of a welding procedure, independent support in the selection of a welding consumable or a helping hand for your workshop optimization, we are at your side and provide our service with maximum focus on your individual needs. We will provide appropriate information and useful knowledge to solve your daily production challenges instead of bothering you with unnecessary scientific ballast.

Convince yourself and invite us for short meeting to get familiar with our philosophy. “Service.Support.Solutions.”

Our service attitude allows you to involve us on short notice.

In a nutshell – SEACOTEC …

    • … will provide state of the art welding support based on several decades of experience in auditing, product inspections, welding procedure tests and welder qualification tests
    • … helps you to achieve maximum approval range of your certificates
    • … will support you in choosing the right welding consumable
    • … ensures, that your products comply with the applicable international standards
    • … is available on short notice at competitive prices

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