The Challenge

  • Projects are no longer “local business” but international. Stakeholders are located all over the world and should have live data available about their project / duties / responsibilities / costs / risks
  • Information should be available online even after completion of a project for after sales, service etc.
  • Building specifications are getting more complex and have often more a contractual (legal) style which is difficult to follow in production. Specification has to be translated into a technical working document for production
  • For successful completion of a project, all parties have to be sure that the building specification has been fulfilled
  • Documentation requirements are getting more complex and are very time consuming
  • Difficult communication with many project partners involved
  • Unclear responsibilities and traceability of actions

The Solution

  • Use of IDA – cloud based modular inspection, documentation and analysis software of SEACOTEC
  • Online overview regarding
    • Inspection status
    • Remarks / Non-conformities including images if available
    • Checklists and documents as required by the contract
    • 3D – model of the project and continuous update to use VR as remote inspection – optional
    • In-detail performance data from production (e.g. time to close remarks, remarks or area of remarks which have the highest failure level, comparison of performance of different production lines, …)
    • Easy implementation / creation of projects by import of xls. files
    • Flexible to meet your special requirements by combination of different modules
  • Personalized account and time stamp for acceptance and approval

The Benefits

  • Early detection of mistakes / non-compliance with specification requirements will decrease repair costs during production and increase efficiency
  • Real-time documentation, e.g. Remaining item lists and inspection protocols
  • Decreased inspection times by allocating inspection items to locations, disciplines, production phases etc.
  • Identification of bottlenecks in production using the analysis module of IDA
  • Increased transparency for all project partners
  • 365/24/7 availability of data worldwide


Project overview

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-09 um 09.30.11

Inspection mode with multiple roles

In a nutshell…

    • … cloud based modular Inspection, Documentation and Analysis Tool
    • … all information is available worldwide, 24/7, 365 days a year
    • … based on the complexity of a project and the required documentation, substantial savings can be achieved
    • … increased transparency for all project partners
    • … for all kind of projects available
    • …tool can be used for prototype (single) or serial production

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