Thoroughly planned, tailor-made programs

Many companies send their employees to costly and time-consuming training programs in the hope that tangible benefits for the company will follow. Unfortunately, many of these trainings fall short of expectations. Why is that?

We are convinced that successful training requires extensive pre-planning and agreement by the stake holders, SEACOTEC and you, about content, scope and expected results. Therefore, we will meet with you in the planning phase to discuss in detail scope and specific elements of the trainings seminar. Together we will determine what your co-workers should know by seminar’s end and how to measure success. This way we make sure that the focus of the training covers your needs and produces the desired results.

SEACOTEC offers trainings in various technical disciplines with focus on:

  • Materials & Welding technology
  • Certification of quality systems and products
  • Application of international technical standards in production
  • Underwater technology and Pressure Vessels
  • System technology
  • MARPOL Annex VI compliant vessel operation.

Our trainers avoid unnecessary content, theorizing monologues and superfluous embellishments. Our trainers will use their long-term practical and scientific expertise to only focus on the issues that matter. They will jointly work with your employees to develop solutions for your day-to-day business that are easily applicable. That’s why active participation of the seminar/workshop attendees is strongly encouraged.

As a result, improvements in your daily business are immediately noticeable. Indeed, an added education that produces an added value for your company!

We conduct our training in German or English.

Convince yourself and invite us for short meeting to get familiar with our philosophy. “Service.Support.Solutions.”

Our service attitude allows you to involve us on short notice.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

Benjamin Franklin

In a nutshell – SEACOTEC …

    • … will conduct trainings for you and your employees maximum benefit
    • … develops contents according to your needs and expectations
    • … focusses on the practical aspect
    • … is setting high value in meaningful hand-outs
    • … performs trainings and seminars at your or external premises
    • … is serving you in German and English

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