Solutions for deep-going challenges

Main parts of our seafloor are undiscovered and human beings have either to dive in diving gear, or in one atmosphere pressure hulls, to explore this fascinating and challenging habitats. Beside that, autonomous or remotely operated vehicles are of increasing interest, as they reduce the risk of bodily harm while allowing some kind of inspection or exploration.

Specifications, requirements and capabilities of such systems need careful evaluation to ensure that it meets your need. We have long-time experience in approving, testing, surveying and certification of any kind of underwater technology and related systems.

When it comes to submersibles, acrylic viewports, ROVs, diving gear or hyperbaric treatment chambers – we are prepared to support you.

If you are a manufacturer and in the need of certification, we are offering you consultancy to achieve certification with internationally recognized classification societies or with notified bodies that are authorized to certify your equipment.

If you are in the need of know-how because you are planning to purchase used equipment, we are prepared to support you and to provide expert opinion on your favoured gear.

If you are a project developer, we offer project management, specification development, 2nd party surveys, workshop, component, system and final acceptance surveys as well as review of test specifications and testing results.

Through our global network, your project will be always treated with maximum priority and highest know-how to ensure successful in-time and in-budget delivery.

Convince yourself and invite us for short meeting to get familiar with our philosophy. “Service.Support.Solutions.”

Our service attitude allows you to involve us on short notice.

In a nutshell – SEACOTEC …

  • … is consulting you on certification
  • … supports you in the assessment of your vendors
  • … provides expert opinion
  • … will perform project management and specification development
  • … will conduct surveys and review test results
  • … treats you with maximum priority to ensure in-time and in-budget delivery!

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